The Body Scrub

Who doesn’t want clear, glowing skin that is naturally moisturized and feels so clean it tingles?

The body scrub is a health and beauty practice that has been around since ancient times and is an important part of the macrobiotic lifestyle.

Scrubbing your skin in this traditional way helps to detoxify and cleanse our skin right down to the deepest pores and layers in a way that normal bathing cannot do. It promotes clear skin by discharging both toxins as well as fat that has accumulated beneath the surface of the skin. It opens pores and allows your skin to ‘breathe’ fully.

Christina Pirello, an award-winning chef and best-selling author, wrote it well in her article on Natural, Radiant Beauty when she said:
“The word ‘cosmetics’ has its roots in the Greek word, ‘cosmos’, a word used to describe the order of nature. By classic definition, to be beautiful was to be in harmony with nature. Beauty, therefore, is a reflection of natural harmony.”

The body scrub helps to purify our bodies of unnatural toxins, while also helping to align us energetically with nature.

More than a beauty secret, the body scrub also improves circulation. It helps energy flow more smoothly along the meridians, regulates lymphatic flow, and gives a good massage to the muscular system as well as deep internal organs that normally do not receive such healthy stimulation! It has a powerful relaxing effect on the body that is so beneficial for our minds, bodies, and spirits – especially those who suffer from illness.

The body scrub should be done once or – ideally – twice a day, and is done in addition to your daily bath or shower.

All that you need is a washcloth (preferably made of unbleached, organic* cotton) and a basin full of clear water as hot as you can stand it.

Begin at the top of your body and work downwards. I like to start with my head, face, and neck, and work down from there.

Folding your washcloth into quarters, dip it into the hot water and wring out any excess. Start scrubbing the skin until it is warm and pink and keep working until the washcloth cools down. Dip your washcloth into the hot water again, wring it out, and continue.

Scrub really well. Scrub till it feels good, till your skin tingles and feels fresher. Remember to get your neck and behind your ears. Your chest, back, and the nooks and crannies of your torso. Give a little extra focus to your armpits, elbows, wrists, and fingers. Scrub each finger, and between them, and then the whole palm. Also give a little extra focus to the knees, ankles, toes, and sole of your foot.

You will probably be very surprised at the colour of the water in the sink or basin once you are finished, even if you showered or bathed before you did your body scrub.

Afterwards, the skin all over your whole body will be warm and pink, and will probably tingle pleasantly. Within a month you should see a distinct improvement in skin tone, clarity, and smoothness. Within two months, you will be amazed by how your skin naturally retains moisture, and how cracked feet and dry hands have become issues of the past.

Leave a comment and share your body scrub experiences with me!

– – – – –

* Why organic cotton?  Many people are under the impression that organic products are a money-grab scam that really have no benefit to our health or our bodies.  Canadian Macrobiotics looks forward to releasing an article soon that talks about the misinformation out there surrounding the organic debate.  For the purposes of our body scrub, I recommend using organic cotton as my research into the pesticides and toxins used to grow conventional cotton shows that those harmful chemicals and toxins remain in the cotton product and do come into contact with our bodies and our systems when we use them. For a more natural and pure daily body scrub, choose an organic cotton washcloth.

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