Apple Picking 2013


I haven’t been apple picking since I was a child.  This year, my best friend Jasmine and I decided not to miss out and headed north into the countryside to pick apples from one of the many beautiful family-owned farms here in Ontario.

It was a lovely – albeit foggy and overcast – autumn day.  The temperature was mild, there was no iciness to the wind, and the threat of rain seemed to keep most other potential apple-pickers indoors. We got to enjoy the beautiful scenery all to ourselves.

I went home and prepared a delicious Apple Ginger Crumble – the recipe is the same as my Peach Crumble, except you replace the 5-6 cups of peaches with apples instead and add a tablespoon of fresh ginger and the juice of half a lemon to the apple mix.

Those apples went from the tree to my family’s tummies in less than 6 hours! Doesn’t get fresher than that.



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