Organic Beauty Series: Part One – Cleansers

Glycerine Soap Lavender

Organic Beauty Series
Part Two – Toners & Astringents
Part Three – Moisturizers
Part Four – Tips & Treatments

Here at Canadian Macrobiotics I’ve spent a lot of time over the past two years researching, testing, and reviewing many different organic homemade beauty products and remedies in an effort to help people take the health and appearance of their skin into their own hands and at a price anyone can afford.

Just as illness indicates an imbalance within the body, skin issues indicate imbalances within our skin cells and skin layers. In order to clear up these skin issues, we have to bring balance back to our skin cells.

Beginning this September is a monthly four-part Organic Beauty Series that will cover four main areas of skin care – cleansers, toners and astringents, moisturizers, and special treatments. Part one of this series will cover cleansers for all skin types.

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Cleansers are meant to clean the skin, dissolving dirt and oil off the surface and out of the pores, while respecting your skin’s natural moisture balance. Effective cleansers can be hard to find for oily, combination, and acne-prone skins as many of the cleansers available on the market do not balance the moisture levels of the skin over the long-term. Many people find that they work initially and the skin begins to improve, but as the skin becomes less oily the cleanser begins to have a drying effect and this new skin imbalance often leads to new acne breakouts.

The main products I use in organic homemade cleansing routines are glycerine soap, castile soap, and baking soda.

Vegetable-based glycerine soap is a wonderful, gentle cleanser that is safe for all skin types. It helps to soften the skin, is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and helps skin to retain moisture while still dissolving dirt and oil.

Castile soap is another vegan soap option that often has other essential oils added to it to change its effectiveness – rose oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, etc. It is a great all-purpose soap that cleanses without drying out.

Baking soda is a safe all-purpose  mild exfoliant that really helps to dissolve excess dirt and oil and has been shown to be incredibly effective in managing acne when used properly. it is amphoteric which means it can act as either an acid or a base, which makes it an interesting neutralizing agent that helps to correct the pH balance of the skin.  It has mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which make it incredibly effective at treating acne, neutralizing infection and lessening irritation.

Use the baking soda and water to make a smooth paste. Covering your face evenly in the paste, leave it on for one to five minutes. You can gently buff your skin with the baking soda before washing it off, or just simply wash it off directly. After using it on my combination, acne-prone skin, I can attest to its effectiveness but do offer a word of caution in terms of over-using the baking soda: I found that after using it daily for a few months, my skin began to produce less oil and I felt it was starting to dry out my skin a bit. I adjusted my use to only once a week, and it has brought my skin back to a healthy balance.

Recommended products based on skin type:

– baking soda (exfoliant)
– glycerine soap
– glycerine soap with lime

The lime added to the glycerine soap makes it more effective at dissolving the oils and dirt from the pores.

– baking soda (exfoliant)
– glycerine soap
– glycerine soap with lime

– glycerine soap

– glycerine soap
– rose castile soap
– olive oil soap

The rose oils added to castile soap bases are effective at softening the skin, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin tone and clarity.

Olive oil soap is good for those with very dry skin.

– glycerine soap
– rose castile soap

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