Gardening Project 2013 Update!

Most of the seedling are growing in faster than expected. I wanted to share a few shots of them with you!





Wish us luck as we continue to care for our seedlings! We hope to have even better results than we did last year and produce enough to feed ourselves many staple foods and have enough to share with friends, family, and community.

*Note: The boc choy is actually a replant of an organic boc choy we enjoyed for dinner one night! I will share an article on how to re-grow many vegetables easily soon!

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6 thoughts on “Gardening Project 2013 Update!

    • No they’re just natural peat cups – I’ve never heard of coconut cups, definitely something to look into! Yeah, I sabotaged my carrots and broccoli last year by planting multiple seeds in one hole. I figured they’re so tiny what harm could it do? They’re doing a lot better this year after I made sure I limited myself to one seed per hole, haha.


      • Well, I was planting only herbs so I figured that more seeds could not do such harm (they´re really small!), but maybe it was not such a good idea anyway 😀 they´re not really germinating… 😦


        • How long have they been germinating for? Some of our seeds sprouted within a few days this year, while some seem to need a few weeks to germinate properly. I’m still waiting on all of my basil to come in and I’m very hopeful they actually will because they’re my absolute favourite!


          • I planted my chives and parsley a month ago and just now a few of them are poking their heads out and even less turned into seedlings already, but most are dormant…It takes long! 😀 And the basil I just planted this weekend but I´m afraid I put too much water on them…I´m such a bad gardener! 😀


          • Hahahaha well good luck! Almost all of our sprouts have come up now, including one basil, so hopefully we see even more. I think the coolness is preventing proper germination for some of mine – hoping sunnier window sills will create a warmer environment for them to sprout up in to 🙂


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