Sustainable Urban Organic Gardening Project 2013


As part of our focus on organic, GMO-free food and produce, we are excited to announce our 2013 sustainable urban organic gardening project!

This year we will offer affordable organic, GMO-free seeds and home-grown seedlings to the community, as well as introductory gardening lessons for those with lots of ground to garden in, as well as those with none.

Our “Spring Starter” seed packs contain seeds of a variety of 4 herbs and vegetables of your choice. Seed amounts vary, but are enough to start a garden for 2-3 people and keep it producing until the end of the growing season, probably with extra seeds to save for next year! Cost is $3.00 per pack.

Current seeds available:

– parsley           – basil               – radish            – onion             – carrot             – broccoli
– green chard  – radish           – leek                 – thyme            – sage                 – nettle
– milk thistle    – dill                 – cilantro         – lettuce           – calendula

Our introductory gardening lessons teach you the basic skills for growing food successfully, sustainably, and organically.

We cover various issues you might encounter while growing food; organic methods of fertilizing and keeping insects from destroying your crops; and how to plan and implement a home garden for you and your family. Class sizes are limited to groups of 4 or less for a one-on-one and hands-on approach. Cost is $15.00 per person for a 2 hour session.

Contact  for questions or more information.

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Urban Organic Gardening Project 2013

  1. Please do consider providing link for your readers,students,friends and family. We at MC have counselled,100’s of people with the health issue you initially were dealing with and into the 1000’s with a myriad of other issues……for 35 years officially plus 9 years of study/practice before starting MC. Happy to call you anytime if I can answer any questions. You are welcome to call or email me at 613 2562665. To Your Great Life!


    • Hi Wayne! Thank you for your interest in my site, and for sharing another great macrobiotic resource with me. I would be happy to include a link to it. Hope you enjoyed what you saw while you were here and we will definitely stay in touch. Best wishes, Briana


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