Hello Again!


It’s been quiet here around Canadian Macrobiotics for a while now, the holidays and winter season having brought about lots of time- and attention-consuming responsibilities and situations which have kept me from writing as much as I’d like to.  On the bright side, spring is right around the corner, which is always a very exciting time of the year for me.

Rising temperatures, singing birds, blue skies and the energy of new life pervade my senses – how invigorating!  It is with the same excitement and energy that we get ready to move forward with many of the plans for Canadian Macrobiotics that I’ve had time to ponder during my quiet time.

This year, we look forward to sharing stories about our urban sustainable organic gardening project that will include community gardening lessons and the ability for community members to purchase organic, GMO-free seeds and seedlings. The project is based in the heart of Mississauga, but anyone willing to travel from within the GTA is welcome to take part.  Our goal is to help more families realize the potential health, financial, and social benefits of growing your own organic food while making quality materials easier to access.

Canadian Macrobiotics works to integrate holistic diet and lifestyle habits that lead to overall wellness and now offers traditional Hatha yoga and meditation classes and workshops – intertwined with wisdom and techniques from Cosmos qigong – for physical and spiritual growth, and also to restore health where there is illness or injury. You can add your name to our mailing list for a periodic newsletter and updates here.

We also look forward to continuing to create and share many great vegan and sugar-free recipes that will change the way you think about your food and your health, as well as many articles that will share time-tested holistic health concepts and home remedies.

Are there specific topics or recipes you’d like to see on Canadian Macrobiotics?  Write me or leave a comment to have an article written about a topic that you’re interested in!

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