Early Summer Update: Why are my seedlings turning pale yellow?

A while ago I mentioned that we would be experimenting with growing an organic sustainable urban garden on our balcony this year. We are still planning to do this, but the process has been greatly delayed by the construction taking place on our balcony for the past few months. As of this week the construction is over, and I look forward to getting everything planted this weekend.

The seedlings we started back in March are big, strong, and definitely ready to be planted outdoors as soon as possible. I noticed towards the middle of May that the soil in the planters seemed to be lacking a rich, dark colour, and several of the new leaves and stems growing were a pale yellow instead of rich, vibrant green. A little bit of research led me to a simple and quite well-known solution: a tablespoon of Epsom salts* to 4 quarts of water. I also decided to mix in the old soil with some fresh soil and replant the seedlings before giving them a good soak with the mineralized water.

Sure enough, within a week, my seedlings were completely green again and growing faster and healthier than they had been for a while. So keep this simple solution in mind – it seems to be quite useful for maintaining a healthy green garden naturally!

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* Like all things food-related, please ensure that the Epsom salt you use is the highest quality available, as it will be absorbed into your food and later eaten by you.

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